Contact Details:
Tel.: +357 25 348994
Fax: +357 25 348996

P.O. Box 54632
CY- 3726 Lemesos

A.R.D.CO Services Limited was formed on 27/11/2002. Its main shareholders are Semesco Co. Ltd owning 51% of the companys shares and Technical Demolition Services Ltd owning 39% The remaining 10% is owned by Mr. Steve Sofocleous.

Semesco Co. Ltd has mainly undertaken to carry out the management of the company, whilst Technical Demolition Services Ltd has undertaken to carry out the project management based on their extensive experience on asbestos removal and demolition works for the M.O.D. U.K., Electricity Authority of Cyprus, etc.

The top management personnel intended to be utilised on the projects will be seconded from the two main shareholders. However, the number of operatives required shall be transferred upon award of works from the shareholder companies to A.R.D.CO. Services Ltd. These operatives have been heavily trained, throughout their years of employment, from their companies in asbestos removal and specialist demolitions of structures and buildings and have also extensive experience in their field of work.

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